Fox News, I love you

Not that I’m conservative in any way. Oh no, according to Bill O’Reilly I’m a bleeding heart filthy commie secular liberal little shit. I’m European after all. It’s just that there is no other news network (And I use the term news network lightly) where every single person working there is so blatantly biased. All conservative nuts jobs. Well except maybe Alan Colmes but he’s just a big pussy.

Watching Billy boy or Sean Hannity, it just blows my mind that people actually listen to and believe what these asshats are babbling about. It’s like a competition between the different Fox anchors who can spit out the most garbage during the least amount of time.

  • O’Reilly blaming anything bad on either liberals, illegal immigrants or George Soros.
  • Hannity creaming his pants anytime Ann Coulter comes on. (And what the fuck is with her accent?! Jesus Christ every time I hear her voice I feel like jamming a pencil into each ear)
  • Alan Colmes trying to get a word in while Hannity is brown nosing Coulter but never does because he left his balls at home.
  • John Gibson hating everything, but especially Europe and France in particular. (What’s your next book about John? The war on the Easter Bunny?)
  • So in conclusion, thank you Fox News for showing how bat shit crazy conservatives can be, and making me proud of being liberal.


    One Response to Fox News, I love you

    1. dezeba says:

      Well I think it is a competition. In that documentary “OutFoxed” didn’t former employees say that the more right wing propaganda the on-air personalties worked into the show the more praise they got from the network. They are just trying to keep their bosses happy. Tools.

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