Abortions rule!

I just watched the documentary Soldiers in the army of god, and wow are there crazy people out there (One of these nice people circumcised himself. I can only imagine what kind of sick mind would do that).

Now, I can understand people being against abortion. Or actually no I can’t. Here is a clue fuck sticks: A fetus is not aware of its’ surroundings! It’s a fetus! A FETUS! It’s a little ball of flesh! You know like meat balls only not as tasty.

And yeah yeah, some jackasses are now going to have a hissy fit and say “Hey! Even before the 20th week some pregnancies are viable!”. Well, to that I have to say who the hell are you to tell someone not to have an abortion? Are YOU going to take care of the baby? Didn’t think so ass hat! (Guess you’re too busy taking care of your 63 other kids, seeing as contraception is a sin as well) I wouldn’t want to walk around nine months with something I didn’t want. I sure as hell am not going to force anyone else to do that.

Then we have the extra crazy ones that go around and shoot doctors and bomb clinics.
“God spoke to me and told me to save the unborn children.”
No buddy, alcohol or a serious brain disease told you to do that. The same disease that made you kill and bury your parents in your back yard.

I think I’m going to start a pro-abortion organization. Not pro-choice, pro-abortion. We’re going to encourage people to have as many abortions as possible. Maybe have some kind of bonus system where you get a free pack of Trojans after ten abortions. Our logo will be a baby head on a pointy stick.


Oh was that going to far? Tough…


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