Stupid feminists and their stupid ideas…

Just kidding, I just wanted to get your attention.
I felt I had to write a reply to this post by my better half.

So I’ll split up my response in several parts. First, I hate the use of men as in “men will always want to repress womans sexuality“. A sentence like that implies that ALL men want to repress all women, and that is simply just not true.
I’m not going to say that women aren’t repressed and that a lot of men do not repress women. Any moron would know that this is the case. Women and men are not treated equal anywhere, period. I just dislike when people say that all men are responsible for [insert horrible thing here]. We’re not the fucking Borg.

Second, I firmly believe that no matter how rich or poor you are, it is a human right to have access to proper health care and good education. Money should not have any say in whether you can go to school or see a doctor, and I’m perfectly willing to pay higher taxes to help not only myself but others as well. The question therefore is: Should we all share the cost of womens tampons or pads?

Fact is that women have their period not because of men but because of nature. They’re just built that way. So, my knee jerk reaction is “Hell no, I shouldn’t as a man have to pay for that! It’s not my fault you bleed!”
Maybe a better solution is that women earning below a certain minimum will get their feminine products paid for. Maybe all women should share the cost, or maybe I’m talking out of my ass and the best solution actually is to have the entire population, male and female share it. If we’re striving for equality both sex should share the burden, no? I truly don’t know what I think at this point.
Am I critical of the suggestion just because I’m a man and this does not affect me? Perhaps. Actually that is probably exactly why. If something comes up where men have to pay for something each month just for being men, would my opinion be different? Probably. This leads me to suspect that my hesitation is all because of me being cheap, and I’m sorry but that is not a good enough reason. Unless you’re a heartless dick, which I’m trying not to be.

Next statement, would pads and tampons be free if men had periods? I don’t think so actually and I don’t really know where that assumption comes from. I can’t really think of anything men get for free today that women don’t. If there is something, let me know.

Lastly, ignoring the last comment about men repressing women, I agree that birth control should be free. The earth is overpopulated as it is. A couple that kills babies together stays together. Over and out.


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