These people deserve a bullet in the head…

Religious fanatics:
I’m sorry there isn’t a hell for you all to go to, because you deserve it.

Lindsay Lohan:
Can’t she just get drunk and kill herself driving into a firework factory or something? I mean seriously, I dare you to come up with one reason why this waste of space deserves any attention at all anymore. She is an alcoholic coke whore, get over it.

George Lucas:
Damn you George! Damn you all to hell! You know what you did and I will never forgive you.

Anyone claiming Sarah Jessica Parker does not look like a horse:
She does. Period. And her husband must spend his nights in a cryogenic freeze tank since he looks just like he did 20 years ago.

People that actually enjoy the Eurovision Song Contest:
Fact: The Eurovision is made by retards for retards.
Fact: This means that if you like the Eurovision you are in fact a retard.
Fact: There is nothing wrong with being a retard, that is if you ignore that you’re a retard.


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