I don’t believe it…

A medical condition. A MEDICAL CONDITION?! What medical condition, too much fucking air in her head?! Just as I was doing my victory dance in the nude around the apartment, my wife finds out that Paris Hilton has been released from prison. After 3 days.


Her cell was aparently cold. Wow. Just wow. Now, I’m no expert at jails, unlike Paris Hilton I’ve never been in one, but for the love all that is holy and sacred and good in the world, what the fuck did she expect?

You know what this is? I’ll tell you what this is. This is the law enforcement bending over and letting the grand dipshit that is Paris Hilton take them up the ass. It’s basically saying “Oh we don’t mind. Do whatever you please. We won’t stop you. Here is a puppy, kill it and drink its blood and we’ll all clap hands and cheer. When you’re done, take this Hummer and run over a class of pre-schoolers.”

Jesus Christ man!


4 Responses to I don’t believe it…

  1. jks says:

    Dude it is actually kind of amazing that she even spent three days in jail. Usually celebrities get off with house arrest or some community service work.

  2. ds3k says:

    Yeah I suppose it is kind of amazing. I just really really hoped she would get what she deserved. Oh well, it’s only a matter of time until Lindsay Lohan winds up in a cell and I can celebrate a little more.

  3. ds3k says:

    I know!! This must be the happiest day of my life…

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