Tip of the week

Are you bored but too poor to afford some pot? Well by golly, have I got something for you!

Conservapedia is an encyclopedia worth reading! No anti-american commie secular bullshit, only raw truth!

Imagine an army of drunk conservative monkeys that suddenly acquired the ability to (somewhat) construct coherent sentences. The leader of these monkeys then got the idea to create an encyclopedia full of alternative facts (Bullshit). That my friends is Conservapedia.

To start off, on the front page we have “The Daily Bible Quote”. Nothing wrong with that I suppose…if you’re a church of some sort. I don’t know how appropriate it is to have something like that on the front page of an encyclopedia. Probably just me being a secular dick.

Also on the front page is a column titled “Breaking News”. Noiw if I were in charge I would have named it “Shit we dug/made up to smear liberals”. Did you know that global warming is just hot air? Oh yes, it is according to senator James Inhofe from Oklahoma. Of course that Inhofe has received one gazillion dollars from the oil and gas industry isn’t mentioned at all. Oh Jimbo, how you make me laugh…

Now, remember how I said somewhat coherent sentences? After reading some of the articles on Conservapedia you start to notice how badly written they are. Sort of like the articles were written by retarded 8 year olds without fingers. Blind retarded 8 year olds without fingers or someone that loves them. In some articles grammar or spelling is non-existant. Makes sense though, if you don’t give a fuck about truth, why should you about details like sentence structure?


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