Combating Terrorism – Italian style…

Article on Slashdot

In case you haven’t heard about this, Franco Frattini, the EU Justice and Security commissioner has suggested that search engines now be censored to prevent terrorists from googling words like “bomb”, “genocide” or “war”.

Apparently according to Frattini, this is how terrorism works:

Terrorist #1: Dude! Wake up!
Terrorist #2: What the hell man, I’m sleeping here!
T1: We’re in so much trouble right now.
T2: What?! The Americans found us?
T1: No man, worse than that. They’ve censored Google.
T2: They did what?
T1: They censored Google! I was tired last night so I was going to finish my bomb making this morning, only to find out I can’t search for bomb making anymore.
T2: You’re fucking kidding me right?
T1: No man, Yahoo won’t work either. How are we supposed to finish the bomb now?
T2: Shit, we’re screwed. I guess we all have to become cab drivers.

Seriously though, I don’t know in what bizarro world Frattini lives in, but I do believe he needs to Google for “How to pull your head out of your ass” real quick.


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