Drunk drivers must die

So, me and the woman were driving home yesterday night. Not very far from our destination, we see a bunch of cars standing still on the other side of the road. I figure it’s the police pulling someone over to check their license or whatever, when out of nowhere a black Volvo pops in front of our car. Turns out that three drunk motherfuckers have managed to drive their car into the middle fence of the road (Don’t know if you have this in other countries, but most Swedish bigger roads have a small fence in the middle, preventing oncoming traffic from getting over on your side should something happen). They’ve also, being the drunken retards that they are, not turned on any emergency lights, hence we do not notice the car until It’s about two meters in front of us.
Since I’m born with the reflexes of a mongoose, I manage to avoid a head on collision by turning right, but the left side mirror hits their car, comes off and crushes the driver side window, spraying glass all over our car. And I mean all over. I don’t think there is one area in that car now that does not contain at least 50% glass.
A chunk of the rear bumper is also ripped off and I have a bunch of cuts on my hands, but whatever, we’re both alive.

Like the woman said, I can’t believe young people are still getting into their cars drunk nowadays. What kind of fucking moron thinks that is a good idea? How thick headed must one be to not realize that drunk driving is a BAD GODDAMN IDEA!?

Well, I got a damage report to complete and a ton of glass to vacuum out of my car.


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