Playstation 3 and DivX/XviD

The PS3 is awesome. Period. I love it to death and I started loving it even more after I setup a streaming media server on my computer. No need to burn movies onto a DVD or CD, or put them on a USB-stick. Just have the PS3 look for a media server and then access whatever you feel like watching.

Anyhew, I noticed that some movies would not be played by the PS3. They were marked as unsupported data and would not play on the PS3 even though they work just fine on my computer. After some researching and fiddling with files in Avidemux I came to the conclusion that the PS3 require files to:

* NOT have a packed bitstream
* Have a proper frame index

Now, don’t ask me what these things mean because I have no idea. I just know that after opening the affected files in avidemux and unpacking the bitstream and rebuilding the frame index, they now play just fine. Just a tip to all PS3 owners out there that are having issues with some movie clips.

Seeing as these files play just fine on our Pioneer DVD player, hopefully Sony will fix this issue in a future firmware update. It’s a pain in the ass processing one hundred files one by one.


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