A little closer to being a grown up…

So I started a job Monday. Yes, a real job. Sorta. I’m a part time software tester for a local company. So far so good, I haven’t fucked up and I like my fellow workers. I had an idea this morning that what you really want to do to test a program, is to put an army of monkeys in front of the keyboard and let them at it. I mean, an experienced computer user pretty much knows what to do and what not to. A monkey on the other hand would tear that program a new one, not because it’s mean or anything, just because it’s…well…a monkey. I’m fairly sure that any bugs hiding in the code would show themselves after about 10 minutes. The tricky part of course, which is why I’m still working on this theory is to have the monkey tell you what it did to trigger the bug. I haven’t quite figured that part out yet, but rest assured I will. Until that day, I will fill that monkeys place and I will do it with pride.


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