I support the troops!

So, apparently 11 years ago the US congress banned sales of sexually explicit materials on military bases. I suppose blowing someones brains out is a-ok but watching some titty fucking is a big no-no. Oh well, magazines like Playboy or Penthouse are still allowed since they are not explicit enough to ban.
Of course, that wont fly for some religious nutbags. The American Family Association and the Alliance Defense Fund has now demanded that these types of magazines get banned as well.

I’ll be the first one to admit that if Sweden ever went to war, I’d hide under my blanket and hope it all went away. I’m not a fighter. So if some people are willing to fight for their country (And no, I’m not condoning the war in Iraq) and all they want in return is to be able to spank the monkey now and then, I’m in total support of that.

Seriously, who are these people that thinks this is an issue worth taking up? Do they really have so much time on their hands they manage to get upset over this? I demand that Bill O’Reilly dedicate his next show to asking why AFA and ADF do not support the troops.


One Response to I support the troops!

  1. justin says:

    with no hustler magazine, all those dudes are gonna turn gay and then they’ll have to be thrown out anyway…

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