Sweden is now the new Soviet…

So, a few hours ago the Swedish parlament approved a new law for monitoring communication passing through the Swedish border. In short,all international calls,email and web browsing will be monitored and stored in the search for terrorist threats against Sweden. Yes, terrorist threats. AGAINST SWEDEN!

This is a law that SÄPO (Think Swedish secret service), the police, the courts, lawyers, journalists and Swedish citizens all have said is a gross violation of our right to privacy. Yet those opinions are ignored.

The privacy of Swedish citizens is thrown out the window in exchange for some false sense of security, in the search of some imaginary terrorists (And for those interested, the latest “act of terrorism” against Sweden took place in the 70s, 30+ years ago).

This is a public letter to all those voting for this law:


To those critical of this law that said they would vote no but at the last minute changed their mind:

FUCK YOU! When the Swedish people needed you the most, you bent over and took it up the ass instead of standing up for your beliefs.

To Camilla Lindberg from Folkpartiet: Thank you. You were the one person from the right that had the courage not to back down. The one person. You have my respect and gratitude.

And those social democrats that voted no:

Thank you, but FUCK YOU TOO! You started this whole mess you asshats.

I can’t describe how upset and sad I am about this. There is no way I am ever voting for and of the right wing parties EVER AGAIN. The utter disregard of what the people that elected them wants is frightening. The ignorance some have shown is bone chilling to say the least. I really hope this law comes back to bite them in their collective ass.

1984, here we come…


2 Responses to Sweden is now the new Soviet…

  1. jks says:

    wait… that is to say you *have* voted right-wing in the past?

  2. ds3k says:

    I have yes. Now don’t panic, it’s not as bad as it sounds since right wing in Sweden means left of democrat in the US. In any case, it’s not going to happen again.

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