Absolute nonsense: Part 1

Ok, listen up people. There is exactly ONE way to loose weight. Eating right and exercise. Swallowing a fucking pill every day is not going to do shit.

I watched a documentary a while back about dieting, and these two women after reading a bunch on nonsense had ordered some pills containing extract of some moss from Iceland that would make them loose weight.

Let me repeat that: Pills made from Icelandic moss would make them loose weight. Fuck me.

I don’t expect people to be rocket scientists or nuclear physicists. I expect them to not be fucking idiots. When will people get into their thick skulls that there are NO FUCKING SHORT CUTS when it comes to loosing weight. Sad perhaps, but true. It takes a lot of work and discipline. (Oh, and if you’re unable to loose any weight because you can’t take it, stop telling people you have a thyroid problem. No you don’t. Some people have an easier time than others, deal with it.)

People spend a lot of money on this bullshit, but you know what? I don’t feel bad for them. Not at all. If you’re stupid enough to fall for something like that, you deserve it. Common sense people, common sense!
Just stop for a second and think before you act. Use some logic. “Does it seem logical that eating these hyper expensive chinese roots dipped in seaweed marmalade will make me thin?” No? Ok, then maybe, just maybe it might be bullshit and you should stay away from it. If you think it doesn’t make sense but still go for it, well then I revoke your right to reproduce.


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