Rest in peace little friend

I might seem like a bitter hard ass sometimes, but really I’m just a big softie. I ran over a fox yesterday (By accident thank you!). I guess a lot of people would just go “oh well” and drive on. Well, I didn’t.

Me and the wife were on our way home, and suddenly from nowhere this little fox ran out in front of our car. Had he run a few meters further ahead, I would have been able to stop the car, unfortunately now I wasn’t. We slammed into it and the poor thing got dragged along under the car until the rear wheel ran over him. I looked back and saw something tiny run/drag itself away.

In Sweden you call 112 (Our 911) if you run over a deer, moose, wolf or some other big animal. A fox is too small so they wont send out someone to check it out. So I stood there thinking about what I should do. Yes a fox is too small to call 112 about, but I couldn’t leave it there in case it was still alive. I still have a heart dammit.

I called the emergency number and said something like: “Uhm…well…I don’t know if I should really call you guys, but I ran over a fox and I think it’s still alive”.
Amazingly the woman answering totally got where I was coming from and connected me to a local police station. I told them what happened and as I suspected, the answer was: “Well, a fox really is too small of an animal for us to send out someone”. I said that yes I understood but that I couldn’t just leave it there suffering if it was still alive. Once again I was surprised when I got the answer: “Yeah, I can see that. Actually we have a patrol in the area, I’ll send them to you”.

So the police got there, saw the blood trails on the road and said “Oh, well this one wont be living for long” and followed the tracks that led to a house. The fox had crawled under the house and died there.
At least it didn’t suffer for long. One of the officers patted me on the back and said “Well, at least he’s with God now. You’re a Christian right?”. I answered that technically I suppose I am, and he responed “Yeah me too. When having a beer with the guys I’m an atheist, but that’s between you and me”.

Now I know I’m being silly. It’s just a fox. It’s not like I ran over a baby. Still, I felt pretty bad about it which I guess makes me not a psychopath.

I’m sorry little fella, I didn’t mean to run you over. You really should have looked both left and right before crossing the road though.


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