Oh guns, how you make me laugh


According to CNN and others, gun sales has risen by a significant amount since Obama was elected. Asshats apparently believe that the new government is going to take away all their rights and throw people into prison camps. Oh well, I’m not going to ramble on about gun laws, but tell me this. When exactly do you need a weapon like the one pictured above? I’m asking because this model (The AR-15) is sold out in many places now. I mean seriously, it’s not very practical for self defense, a small hand gun would be better no? I’m thinking a rifle would be more appropriate for hunting, so I can’t really see where this type of gun would come in handy.
As a gun hating liberal fag lover I’m not that knowledgeable about guns, so if anyone can tell me why in the world you would need this monstrosity, please do.


2 Responses to Oh guns, how you make me laugh

  1. Stewart says:

    Figured I’d let you know my opinion on this one. While it is true that pistols are more common for self and home defense, a carbine is just as effective, and it can also double as a hunting weapon. However, there is a good aphorism in the military community that I agree with: “A handgun is only good for getting a shotgun, which is only good for getting a long gun.” If you are fending off a single attacker, a pistol is fine, but I would rather have a shotgun or long rifle in most situations. A pistol just doesn’t have the same psychological impact on an attacker, either.

    Besides, I’ve shot one of these before, and have to say the AR-15 / M-4 is a fun gun. The ammo is cheap as dirt (standard .223), it is quiet, recoil is low, and the gun is small enough for women and children to use if your family is into recreational shooting.

    That said, I agree that the end of the world response most people are having is uncalled for. Besides, the best possible self defense weapon is a 12-gauge shotgun loaded with #6 birdshot; powerful enough to put down any attacker, but the shot loses power fast enough that it will not penetrate a wall and cause collateral damage.

  2. ds3k says:

    Thanks for commenting and giving me some insight,
    Personally, I would not want a gun in my home. I do believe that is asking for trouble. However I know a lot of people do feel safer with a gun in the house, and as long as it’s their house I’m not going to try to stop them.

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