“He’s very anti-jeans now…”

Browsing the expressen.se news site I stumble upon an article saying:
“Läkare kapade fel vid en sterilisering… Mannen kunde varken cykla eller bära jeans.”

which approximately translates to:
“Doctor screwed up sterilisation… Man could not ride a bike or wear jeans.”

Now…I find this head line quite fascinating. Not that a doctor made a mistake, but that the man specifically could not wear jeans after the accident. Chinos? Sure. A pair of slacks? No problem. Jeans? No.

And what is the connection between riding a bike and not wearing jeans? They could have just as well written: “Man could not throw midgets or eat pineapple”. Are those the two specific things the man could not do after the accident? Could he walk just fine but as soon as he tried to ride a bike he just collapsed to the floor?

Ok granted, if you actually read the article (And who wouldn’t read an article about a botched sterilisation?) they explain things a little better. I just love how the teaser just makes you wonder if a drunk monkey wrote it.

Or maybe it’s just me.


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