BankID + Gentoo

For some god forsaken reason, the working BankID java applet that my bank used (Which worked in any operating system that had java) was removed and replaced with some monstrosity that only worked in windows since it needed an external application. When a Linux version finally was released, only Ubuntu was the officially supported distro. Son of a bitch.

However I got it to work in my Gentoo installation with the following steps:

  • Get the latest version from
  • Unpack it and open up the installation script (
  • Find the row that says #Install plugin for FF3. Edit the line under that to ln -s $INSTALL_DIR/personal/ /usr/lib/nsbrowser/plugins
  • Make sure you have curl compiled with the gnutls and kerberos USE flags enabled
  • Create a symlink to your called by running sudo ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
  • Install the BankID application by running the installation script
  • There you go. You should now be able to create new/edit/remove BankID’s in Gentoo Linux. Users of other “unsupported” distros can most likely follow these instructions with some modifications depending on their system.


    12 Responses to BankID + Gentoo

    1. Daniel says:

      Seems like there is a minimum requirement for libstdc++ (and with that, gcc) too.

    2. Christian says:

      Thanks for this. I’m trying to write an ebuild for the Gentoo Sunrise project to include BankID. Will let you know when it becomes available!

    3. Christian says:

      Here’s an ebuild for your local overlay. However, it’s not totally working yet. Please send me feedback if it works for you.
      It installs the plugin, the command-line functions appear to work, but I haven’t been successful in making it work for the Opera browser.
      Let me know if it works on your browser, thanks!

    4. Christian says:

      My ebuild for the BankID plugin (nexus-personal) is now in the Sunrise User overlay.

    5. Christian says:

      To install it:
      1. Follow the instructions on Sunrise Website to add that overlay to your Gentoo.
      2. Add a line to your /etc/portage/package.keywords:
      www-plugins/nexus_personal_SE-bin ~x86
      3. If you use firefox, epiphany, mozilla or seamonkey, make sure you have the USE flag set.
      4. emerge nexus_personal_SE-bin.

    6. Ibn says:

      Hey! I was just looking for a way to file my taxes, and found your tip. Thanks!

      Oh, would you mind adding ~amd64 to the keywords?

    7. Ibn says:

      Oops, I jumped the gun. Nexus does not like nspluginwrapper, so it looks like a no-go. 😦

    8. Laederkeps says:

      Thank you very much, Christian, this works great!

      If you get errors about libstdc++ or GLIBCXX not found, you need to install and/or enable (using gcc-config) a newer version of gcc, that helped.

    9. I got it working thanx to you. But now all of a sudden it just stoped working on both of my laptops.
      Is it still working for you?

      • ds3k says:

        I just returned to Gentoo from using Arch linux. I haven’t installed bankid yet, but I’ll try soon and let you know if it still works.

    10. Christian says:

      Hi! I’ve moved to a new bank and new country and I’m not using the Nexus software any more. Maybe someone else can fix the ebuild in sunrise?
      I think the plugin does not work on all browsers, for example I got it to work with Epiphany and with Firefox but not with Opera.

    11. I got it working again!
      I’m on a 64bit system so what I forgot was to install the plugin with:
      “nspluginwrapper -i /usr/local/lib/personal/”

      Now it works like a charm.

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