Sweden sucks

September 22, 2010

Actually, Swedes suck. At least 300 000 moronic ass clowns who though that voting for the “Swedish Democrats” was a good idea. Nice going, you’ve just voted a bunch of nazi racists into government.
Seriously, I’m embarrassed to be a Swede today.

Oh, and if any of my friends voted for them, you’re not my friend anymore. Just FYI.


Motorola, you suck!

February 13, 2010

Ok this might be quite a long rant about something that you probably do not care about, so to be on the safe side you should probably stop reading right about now.

So I’ve used my Motorola Milestone for a month or so now, and I really like it. It’s well built, fast and it runs Android which means I can tinker with it all I like right? Well no. Since Motorola apparently likes to do business with their collective head up their ass, for some reason they decided to lock down the bootloader on the Milestone which means there is no way to run a custom Android version on this phone since the ROM has to be signed by Motorola. Now, the annoying thing is that they did not do this on the Droid which essentially is the US version of the Milestone. Had they locked down that version as well they would still have been asshats, but at least consistent asshats.

European users are getting quite pissed about this which IMHO is understandable. The Milestone is marketed as “The phone without compromise” and is running Android which generally is quite hacker friendly. Not to mention that it’s quite an expensive phone.

At first Motorola tried to ignore this issue, but after their facebook account at http://www.facebook.com/motorolaeurope?ref=nf started to get spammed with angry posts (And it still is) they gave some lame attempt at an answer saying that the Milestone is a consumer device, not a developer device and that opening it up could cause problems with copyrighted material. This answer makes no fucking sense what so ever since as I mentioned the Droid, THE SAME PHONE, is open and free for people to mess around with as much as they want. Well actually, this answer makes sense if Motorola believes that non-US users are retarded mouth breathers that does not recognize bullshit when they see it.

Ok, so attempt nr 2 didn’t quite work. The third response from Motorola was to silently delete all posts on their dev forums about this issue and pretend that all was well in the world. You’d think they would realize by now that their customers wanted real answers, but since Motorola apparently is run by monkeys they kept on pushing out bad ideas. This made the spamming of their facebook page even worse and so finally they decided to write a proper reply at http://community.developer.motorola.com/t5/MOTODEV-Blog/Custom-ROMs-and-Motorola-s-Android-Handsets/ba-p/4224. Parts of this that post goes:

For the Android application developer, MOTODEV provides a wealth of resources to help you create and bring your applications to market. We provide a comprehensive Eclipse-based development environment, MOTODEV Studio, as well as SDK add-ons which provide emulator images that represent the software on our handsets. To aid developers who may not have access to physical handsets, or who may wish to test on a carrier network unavailable in their physical location, we provide access to handsets via the Motorola Virtual Device Lab at DeviceAnywhere. All Motorola application developer resources can be found at http://developer.motorola.com.

What the…w…who the fuck cares?! Are people screaming for information about what MOTODEV Studio is? NO! Get to the point asshats! And honestly, putting MOTO infront of everything is not “The cool thing” to do. Really. MOTOStop it.

We understand there is a community of developers interested in going beyond Android application development and experimenting with Android system development and re-flashing phones. For these developers, we highly recommend obtaining either a Google ADP1 developer phone or a Nexus One, both of which are intended for these purposes. At this time, Motorola Android-based handsets are intended for use by consumers and Android application developers, and we have currently chosen not to go into the business of providing fully unlocked developer phones.

Oh boy. I can’t speak for everyone, but if I wanted to Google ADP1 or a Nexus One, I WOULD HAVE BOUGHT A GOOGLE ADP1 OR A NEXUS ONE. See this pisses me off, because they HAVE gone into the business of providing fully unlocked developer phones, just not outside the US!

…Securing the software on our handsets, thereby preventing a non-Motorola ROM image from being loaded, has been our common practice for many years. This practice is driven by a number of different business factors. When we do deviate from our normal practice, such as we did with the DROID, there is a specific business reason for doing so. We understand this can result in some confusion, and apologize for any frustration.

Right. And locking up a 3 year old RAZR is perfectly understandable. It’s a simple dumbphone with a custom OS written by Motorola. It was never meant to be fiddled with, it has never claimed to be free and open. Android phones are meant to be free and open. It was probably the biggest reason I got an Android phone, to be able to mess around with it. Suddenly I’m told that I can’t.
No one is asking Motorola to actively support custom ROMs on their phones. What people are asking is that Motorola allow those that are willing to void their warranty to be able to use whatever they want on their phones.
What is this specific business reason for opening up the Droid you ask? Well fuck if I know, because of course it’s never mentioned.
The last line is a nice one too. “We understand this can result in some confusion, and apologize for any frustration”. I’m not confused, I’m pissed! We were told that the Milestone would be the non-US version of the Droid. The Droid was not locked down so we had no reason to believe the Milestone would be. The Milestone was advertised as being “without compromise”. I’d say limiting what a user can do with a product is quite a compromise, but then again I don’t live in Motorolas bizarro world.

We do hear your feedback and read your posts – whether on our MOTODEV discussion boards, our Owners’ Forums, our Facebook pages, Twitter, or a variety of other sites on the web. We take the time to understand the issue and then pass the information on to the appropriate product (or other) teams within Motorola. We then try to respond with explanations or updates as we get the answers. Thank you for your continued feedback.

Funny story. As I posted a reply on their forum asking for clarification (And yes, I was very polite) I realized a few minutes later is had been deleted. So much for accepting feedback bitches! Motorola does not care. Not one bit. It’s becoming clear to me now why Motorola is not doing to well. Treating their customers like crap is not a very good business model, at least that’s what I learned in my economics class at uni.

The latest word on the Motorola facebook page is that user accounts of critical customers are being removed. Now, I’m not going to say that this is true becuase statistically most facebook users are dirty lying bastards, but honestly I wouldn’t be that surprised.

I feel ripped off. Really. If HTC can produce phones that allow people to hack them why can’t Motorola? It makes no sense at all. And this whole intellectual property problem is a non-issue. When custom ROMs for HTC phones came out they asked the author to remove Google copyrighted software from the ROMs. He did, and that was that. Problem gone. There is no reason to believe the same thing could not happen with custom ROMs for the Milestone.
Why not allow people to register their IMEIs as developer phones with Motorola and by doing so voiding their warranty? If they mess up and brick their phones, they’re on their own.
It’s really a win-win situation. Motorola gets a better reputation and sells more phones, users will have the possibility to hack away at an awesome product. If only Motorola would see it that way.

Survival tip #1

July 3, 2009

A mosquito drinks between 0.001 and 0.01 millilitres of blood per “serving”. To simplify things, lets say the little blood sucker on average drinks 0.005 millilitres of blood each time.
A human body on average contains 5 litres (5000 millilitres) of blood. This means that if one million mosquitos attacked a human at once, they would suck the poor soul dry (5000 / 0.005 = 1000000).

Tip of the day people: If you see a cloud of approximately one million hungry mosquitos coming your way, run. Run like the wind. Your life depends on it.

Oh guns, how you make me laugh

November 13, 2008


According to CNN and others, gun sales has risen by a significant amount since Obama was elected. Asshats apparently believe that the new government is going to take away all their rights and throw people into prison camps. Oh well, I’m not going to ramble on about gun laws, but tell me this. When exactly do you need a weapon like the one pictured above? I’m asking because this model (The AR-15) is sold out in many places now. I mean seriously, it’s not very practical for self defense, a small hand gun would be better no? I’m thinking a rifle would be more appropriate for hunting, so I can’t really see where this type of gun would come in handy.
As a gun hating liberal fag lover I’m not that knowledgeable about guns, so if anyone can tell me why in the world you would need this monstrosity, please do.

You’re a homophobe you pussy

October 25, 2008

It amazes me that so many people are against gay marriage. Really it does. I dare anyone to come up with ONE good reason why gays should not be allowed to marry. Just one. The truth is there isn’t one.

The only reason people are against gay marriage is that they are a bunch of homophobes but of course they don’t have the balls to stand up and say it. “The bible says it’s a sacred bond between a man and a woman”. Yeah well the bible also says slavery or stoning your children for being disobidient is ok, so go out and buy a black guy to mow your lawn or smash your kids face in with a rock when he/she eats candy before dinner then. Fucker.

I heard Palin is one of those jackasses that believes homosexuality is a choice. So…when did she choose to be straight? I really can’t remember signing a piece of paper asking me if I wanted to be gay or straight. Does that make me bisexual or asexual? I should mail her and ask.

What are people afraid of? Is their marriage going to be worth less because two adult people that happen to be gay get married? Would you love your wife/husband any less if gay marriage was legal everywhere? Of course not.
I love my wife more than anything, and that it not going to fucking change just because George Takei marries his boyfriend. Who the fuck are you to say who can and can’t get married? I especially love the irony that people that are against gay marriage (Or gay rights in general) are usually conservatives. You know, the ones supposedly for personal freedom and small government. Now they want the government to butt in and limit peoples freedoms. Of course, to them gay people might not be people in the strictest meaning of the word.

If people had the balls to say: “I don’t like gay people, I don’t want them to have the same rights as me” I could respect that opinion. A fucked up opinion granted, and one I would not agree with, but still a real opinion.

No, when you think about it there is no good reason to be against it (Plenty of retarded reasons though). People just use religion as some kind of cover for their hatred of gays. With religion they don’t have to have an opinion of their own, the bible is on their side after all.

This is just another way religion is fucking things up for people. We should just abolish the concept of marriage and just call everything civil unions. Period. Churches should not have the right to marry people anymore. Sure, they should be able to have their ceremony if they like to, but it should not be legally binding what so ever. Just sign a paper and BAM, you’re married. Gay or not.

What…the hell?

October 24, 2008

I dunno. Is it just me, is isn’t decapitated baby dolls a little creepy? A wee bit.

Absolute nonsense: Part 1

October 22, 2008

Ok, listen up people. There is exactly ONE way to loose weight. Eating right and exercise. Swallowing a fucking pill every day is not going to do shit.

I watched a documentary a while back about dieting, and these two women after reading a bunch on nonsense had ordered some pills containing extract of some moss from Iceland that would make them loose weight.

Let me repeat that: Pills made from Icelandic moss would make them loose weight. Fuck me.

I don’t expect people to be rocket scientists or nuclear physicists. I expect them to not be fucking idiots. When will people get into their thick skulls that there are NO FUCKING SHORT CUTS when it comes to loosing weight. Sad perhaps, but true. It takes a lot of work and discipline. (Oh, and if you’re unable to loose any weight because you can’t take it, stop telling people you have a thyroid problem. No you don’t. Some people have an easier time than others, deal with it.)

People spend a lot of money on this bullshit, but you know what? I don’t feel bad for them. Not at all. If you’re stupid enough to fall for something like that, you deserve it. Common sense people, common sense!
Just stop for a second and think before you act. Use some logic. “Does it seem logical that eating these hyper expensive chinese roots dipped in seaweed marmalade will make me thin?” No? Ok, then maybe, just maybe it might be bullshit and you should stay away from it. If you think it doesn’t make sense but still go for it, well then I revoke your right to reproduce.